PLASTIC CARE 707 – Vinyl cleaner, protector and conditioner

Cleans, protects & rejuvenates vinyl, plastic, rubber & synthetic surfaces

Plastic cleaners and conditioners are generally silicone based and tend to dry out the vinyl and plastic surfaces. Plastic Care has no silicones or abrasives in it and leaves the surface feeling clean and fresh.

  • Contains no Silicones or harmful chemicals
  • Conditions & Protects Surface from Fading
  • Does not leave surface Greasy or Unnatural
  • Brings back Original Look & Shine
  • Has a wonderful natural lemon fragrance
  • Very easy to apply
  • Saves you time and money


Good for Cars, Boats, Planes, RV's, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal watercraft, Off road vehicles, Household Appliances. Can be applied to surfaces such as Vinyl Tops, Dashes, Door Panels, Seats, Bumpers, Side Mouldings, Wing Mirrors, as well as Computers, Photocopy Machines, Telephones, PVC Windows and More....