Waterborne Varikolor

Waterborne Varikolor is a unique environmentally safe and clean product. You can now recolor a vast range of different materials and products and be assured that it will not peel, crack or chip off. It is easy to use and saves time and money as it reduces the steps required to recolor the product. It forms a strong bond with the substrate and in addition to vinyl, leather, rubber, ABS and PVC type material it can also be used to recolor recycled rubber, low grade virgin plastic and even a recycled plastic consisting of household rubbish held together with waste.
  • Environmentally safe and clean
  • Available in brush on format or spray on format.
  • Available in Hi Gloss finish, Semi gloss, Satin finish as well as a Matt finish
  • A highly versatile product
  • Specifically formulated to adhere to the most difficult of substrates
  • Will not crack, chip, peel or fade
  • Will color vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber, & many other surfaces without a primer
  • Can be used on a far greater range of surfaces than other waterborne or solvent based products
  • Reduces the number of processes required to coat the substrate
  • Health and safety issues not a concern
  • All the issues of storage, transport and destruction of waste that are complicated by high solvent-content materials are eliminated by the use of WBVarikolor