Since 1989 we have been providing manufacturers in the automotive, marine, industrial and home sectors with quality dyes and paints so that they can do the best job of coloring a surface to make it look and feel like the original.

We provide OEM with formulas for all their specific colors as well a complete mixing system with 12 different base colors and 1 clear so that they can mix and match all their colors as well as those on the RAL color chart.

Restoration specialists in N. America and Europe have been using our dyes and paints since 1989 with great success. They use it to restore vinyl, leather and plastic pieces in cars, boats, RV’s etc. We provide them with technical support in how to mix colors or how to apply the product to different surfaces. In a very short period of time they realize how easy it is to mix colors and use our products. When mixing colors all they have to do is mix the different base colors to get the color they want. The more experienced specialists buy the 4 primary bases and the white and clear bases to mix the colors they want.

Body shops generally use coloring systems based on weights. We have been providing body shops with all our products in 12 premixed bases per system as well as formulas in weights to mix any color on the RAL color chart they want. If they need specific colors that are not on the RAL color chart we will guide them on how to mix the colors. Our technical support in this regard is exceptional.

The enthusiast is very important to us. This system was initially designed with the enthusiast in mind. After extensive research we found that there was nothing on the market that was easy or performed as per its claims. We knew that the enthusiast wanted a product that was reliable and one that made his surface look original and not painted. Soon after the enthusiasts started using them word got around and manufacturers and restoration specialists started calling us. The rest as they say is history.