Bring your colors to life

Our exclusive range of dyes and paints, specialty additives for paints, paint guns, air brushes, dust control products & unique accessories are recognized the world over for providing superior quality & performance.

We manufacture a wide range of products that can color many different types of surfaces. We have vinyl dyes, vinyl paints, leather dyes, plastic dyes, plastic paints and now special rubber dyes that can color hypalon and most rubberized substrates. We also supply top quality vinyl repair and leather repair products, vinyl cleaners, plastic cleaners, vinyl conditioners, leather cleaners, leather conditioners, and paint additives . Quality and performance is what you will get when you use any one of our many different products.

Our vinyl dyes, vinyl paints and leather dyes are easy to use and penetrate into the surface becoming part of the material and are guaranteed not to peel, crack or flake off. They will leave the surface looking original and not painted. Our plastic dye and plastic paints bond chemically to the plastic and become an integral part of the plastic. Most other paints and just sit on the surface and eventually peel and flake off after they dry. Our rubber dye , Rubber-Bond is the only product on the market that can color most rubber surfaces without peeling or flaking off. All our products are color fast and will in some cases help extend the life of the material being colored.

Whether you are a manufacturer, restoration specialist, body shop professional or a passionate consumer we will help you find the right product for your application. Together we will bring some color and excitement back into our lives.


We guarantee you will be satisfied with our products and we stand behind that promise with expert advice and service to support you in your various projects